Advice for a new blogger

Okay blogging world! Any advice for a new blogger? Any and all help is appreciated!


42 thoughts on “Advice for a new blogger

  1. I personally try to do a variety of post types so that there’s something interesting for different people … so (since I’m a book blogger), I might do a review every so often, and other book-related lists or articles in between those. And also, posting links on Facebook and Twitter helps boost readership SO much, it’s incredible what a difference it makes!

    Let me know if you need more specific help, & we can discuss 🙂

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  2. Good luck with the blog, and work in general. I second the above, and would add to write often and interact with others frequently. Get a ‘community’ going and bounce off each other. All the best!

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  3. I’ve only been at this for 5 months – I have taken 3-4 courses from WordPress, they were a tremendous help! Blogging bootcamp and then commenting was one and branding another and now I’m taking everyday inspiration…I never run out of things to post but it helps sometimes to focus and challenge myself and ditto to what the others said ! Good luck !

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  4. The best advice I could probably give you is to make sure you write about something you absolutely 100% love – that way, you’ll hopefully never see creating posts as a bore, and it could actually help you enjoy what it is you are passionate about even more as you find new ways to look at it.
    The only other thing I could say that might be of some use is to ask yourself as you are writing, ‘What are my readers actually getting from this?’, or give yourself a question to answer for all of your posts, it just helps to stay focused I find 🙂

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  5. Be yourself! When you write that is. And stay true to who you are . Don’t feel that you have to write every day either . It’s ok to go against the grain and be different. Don’t read the what the experts say either. I’ve read that long blogs are never successful. My posts are always long and I still have plenty of readers! Lastly –engage with your readers. Best of luck❤️

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  6. Try not to worry too much about what everyone else is doing with their own blogs. It is good to learn and take inspiration from others but this whole thing may only make some sense for you if you are passionate about what you write, that you enjoy what you write about and that you don’t needlessly pressure yourself into writing when you ‘feel’ that you should.

    I hope this helps and good luck.

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  7. Don’t be like me and pretty much disappear from blogging for a few months. It kills the foundation you had been building! Seriously though, just be yourself and write whatever you want. I don’t think there has to be a theme to your blog or even certain segments. It’s your blog. I’m still trying to figure it out and I’ve been blogging here since 2013.

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  8. I suggest writing at least one post every day. The more times you go to well of ideas, unlike a water well, the more ideas will flow out of your posting bucket. Really, it gets easier the more you write… Writer’s block is all in your head, and melts away like ice in July if you practice. Even nonsense like I usually post. The more you write stuff, the more stuff there is to write.

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  9. Love your header photo. But don’t be afraid to plant your flag and say “this is who I am and what I’m about.” Create an About page that makes you interesting (not having anything seems like a cop out…every writer needs to be able to describe themselves).

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  10. My advice, forget all the other advice. Do this and only this – write for yourself, not your readers. Writing (Blogging) is such a personal thing. You should want those who are of like minds to be your readers. With that said, you as a blogger should read blogs that you want to be like. Like them, follow them and they will follow you. And do what Stephen King says, tell the truth – don’t lie.

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