Writing Tips, Anyone? 

We all have our own writing style. Whether it’s an obsession with the Oxford comma or a fear of run-on sentences, we all do things differently.

Anyone have any advice on what’s worked for them and what hasn’t? What has propelled them to literary fame and what has caused them to crash, burn, and perhaps cry?!

Looking forward to y’alls responses!


48 thoughts on “Writing Tips, Anyone? 

  1. Before I started a blog I was worried what my ‘voice’ would sound like. But I think the more you write, the more authentic your voice becomes. People need to hear your story your way. Everything has already been written really – that’s why you need to be yourself 🙂

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  2. I just use my blog as a space for me to share my unfinished prose in hopes of feedback and I also do a lot of book reviews/talk about books. I try not to share anything about my major projects because you never know when someone may copy an idea. So be careful about that!
    Welcome to wordpress! Check out my domain: gsingh20.wordpress.com

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  3. Just write what comes to your soul. Write your style, your voice. If you haven’t discovered that (although I feel you have to some degree judging by what I’m reading) just keep writing you will find it and it will evolve. Most of all have fun!

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  4. Many books have been filled with writing advice, and I suppose I could fill another one, so I’ll just limit this to one point that might be the most important: Write what you care about. If you don’t care about your story, nobody else will. So go write that thing that’s close to your heart, even if it makes you feel vulnerable.

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  5. Best piece of craft advice I ever learnt is “submerging the I.” The idea basically being that if you’re writing in the first person, the trick is to hide the word “I” for as long as possible because seeing an “I” early on can feel self-indulgent. So what you’re meant to do is instead of using the word “I” you use or look for any other way to convey the same thing until you have established your central character as either a sympathetic narrator or alternatively a knowledgeable one.

    Personally I’ve found this technique to be pretty helpful in forcing me to think outside of the box as to how I construct my narrative. It’s probably only equal to the show don’t tell trick of avoiding using “feeling” words to describe how characters think/respond/react to events in your work.

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  6. Most people wrote something like “write from your heart” or “do what excite you”. Aren’t you all modest? Show your secret chambers, guys!
    In exchange I’ll show trick for reader’s mood manipulation.
    There are long and short sentences. Everybody knows that. But there is more to it than we can see from the outside.
    For example.
    “Sentence has words. Number is three. It is boring. It is monotone. Readers fell asleep. We need change.”
    Do you feel it?
    “This sentence has more than three words. This less. Feel it? It’s like a beautiful melodic song. It flows. It plays. It even can surprise you in unexpected way with a few words extension.”
    Do you understand?
    Have fun with your writing!

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  7. I usually write in Bulgarian…And my style changes whenever I write in English or Japanese, but the basics are the same, I guess? I don’t really think much about composition and grammar and stuff like that, I just want to make the story flow! As a result, there’s a lot of type-os and weird words at parts which I have to fix later but (;´Д`) I also went to a Writing club at school and the teacher was really cool and taught us a lot of stuff…which I don’t use knowingly, but the exercises she made us do really paid off, I think. Like writing without using a specific letter or writing on a certain topic for 10 minutes (I always ended up writing about elves or alien princes but she encouraged me (*´ω`) ).
    If it matters…I usually only write in past tense, because I don’t like how things written in the “happening atm” moment feel like. I think every writer has a different style and if they haven’t discovered it yet they should just write and write and write even more until they discover it and train it so they’ll be able to tame the words and make them flow the right way!
    There are people who don’t like just “flowing” or can’t do that so they write very technically, relying on a certain official style…Like the authors from the past (Like, French, Japanese, etc). They DID do it because that was the norm and an author had to write in a certain way, but I still think their works are very pretty with all the correct words and expressions and writing techniques!
    Haha sorry, I got carried away (;´Д`) I didn’t give any advice in the end lol

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