Favorite Genre?

What’s everyone’s favorite literary genre? Mystery? Fantasy? Romance? Fiction? Non-fiction? The possibilities are endless! Let’s here from y’all!


45 thoughts on “Favorite Genre?

  1. You seem quite the inquisitive soul. Well since you seem so curious, I’m sure it is obvious. Horror! There will never be a genre I feel more at home in than that one. That being said I appreciate any and all genres and love to read anything from romance, to fantasy, to mixes therein. As long as it holds my interest, I will read it.

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      • It has its place. I prefer purposeful as well. I really like when horror can make you think. I want it scare but I also want people to really think. I love when it messes with your mind. Psychological horror is def my favorite type.

        You can do quite a bit with it. Plus when done right, it tends to be the most disturbing. If something disturbs you, I find it stays with you on a deeper level than if it simply scared you and then you forget about it 5 minutes later.

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  2. Fantasy hands down, but that’s almost like saying fiction nowadays since there are so many flavors of the fantastic. I love dark fantasy, but I apparently appear to be partial to paranormal romance, too. Didn’t realize that until a friend pointed out that I wrote what could be considered (and marketed as…very important) a paranormal romance. I thought I’d written a dark fantasy with romantic elements, but once edited I intend to market it as a paranormal romance set in a dark fantasy world.

    Even saying “dark fantasy” is pretty ubiquitous wince many of them including epics have elements of darkness. I’ve also started to get more into sci-fi, and I’m always up for a dystopian though I’m not a huge fan of YA (Harry Potter, Hunger Games excluded, and a few others excluded). Horror is another genre I’m starting to slide into (it’s on the dark fantasy and sci-fi continuum) especially since I want to write a cosmic story one day (though I’m huge wuss puss).

    For non-fiction I love studying mythology, religious symbolism, and theology. Some could argue that these are fiction as well, but while they may be beliefs and not facts, the people who did the believing are very real.

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  3. For the most part, I write high fantasy, with elements of dark fantasy here and there. I’ve been writing in that genre for about a decade now, and I still love it. Worldbuilding is perhaps my favorite aspect of writing fantasy–I cannot count the number of hours I have spent fleshing out cultures, histories, religions and environments, but it is certainly more than I have spent writing singular stories. Lately, I have dabbled in sci-fi thanks to game-mastering a sci-fi roleplaying game with a few of my friends, which has helped me in figuring out how interactive storytelling works.

    With regard to reading, I tend to almost exclusively read fiction. I love reading high fantasy (Tolkien is one of my favorite authors and inspirations), as well as science fiction, though I honestly don’t read sci-fi all that often. I also read a lot of manga of pretty much any genre, from romance to horror–in fact I tend to spend a good chunk of my day just reading mangas. Recently, I’ve gotten into light novels, and all of the ones I have read so far have been about people from the real world being summoned to/reincarnated in fantasy worlds, which often incorporate game-like mechanics such as leveling, classes and skills. Since I am studying game design, I often find myself analyzing how the game-like mechanics of the worlds in these stories work (or don’t really make sense). I also really enjoy psychologically driven stories, since I love being able to getting into the characters’ heads and get to know how they behave.

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