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I’ve been blogging for almost a week and I’ve enjoyed it tremendously so far! However! Is there anything y’all think I need to do to take my blog to the next level? Advice on pages, posts, pictures, format? Any advice is welcomed! 


23 thoughts on “Tips, Blogging Tips

  1. While yes, the general consensus is that the longer the blog post, most people will not read it due to time etc…I have found if the blog post engages me, it doesn’t matter how long it is. That isn’t to say that I will never skip a post here or there or at the very least take a lot longer to get to reading it proper, but it doesn’t hurt to have a longer blog post here and there.

    I don’t write the longest ones myself however, that is due to the way I’m telling the story on my blog. That and I tend to write book length comments to people on their blogs when I choose to comment. 😉

    Longer posts could help, I agree with this, but also be more assured of yourself. I’m sure at the moment you are not sure of what you want your blog to be, but find the identity of your blog.

    What is it you want to write about or share with those reading it? Whatever that is or the mix of things you want to share in regards to that is, write about it.

    Do not be afraid to write about it either. All it takes is that first step, and you will be shocked at all the wonders that will await.

    Cheers! ^_^

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  2. Add photos to complement your posts. Especially if you post fiction and poetry. Plenty of free images on Pixabay, Google Images and Flickr. But with google images, be sure to always use images that are licensed for reuse… there’s a pulldown menu that gives you that option… Otherwise you could be infringing on copyright. Of course you can use your own photos, too! But a photo catches the eye as someone scrolls by in the reader.

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  3. Photos are always good, it helps catch the eye but other than that, the best ways to grow are to make friends out there and read their blogs, see what they are doing and be inspired by them. All you need to do is enjoy what you do and people will come along and you will grow.

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