Traffic To Your Site?

I find myself refreshing the stats page on WordPress every 30 seconds it seems. I get this little jolt of excitement everytime I see another person has commented, liked, or just visited my site. However, I have no idea what’s considered good as far as visitors, viewers, commenters, ect goes. So, just out of curiousity, my fellow bloggers in the bloggerverse, what’s your average traffic for a day? How many visitors? How many views? What’s your average weekly or monthly? How many followers do you have?
Thanks in advance for sharing!


32 thoughts on “Traffic To Your Site?

  1. I’ll be honest, I don’t really look at my stats page…ever. It isn’t that I don’t care if or when people say something or like my posts, I just simply find the stats page useless.

    I’m not really writing for the views. If they happen, great. If not, great. That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate people taking the time to read something I write, and to comment or like it. I love it, because I love talking to those souls and I really enjoy seeing someone out there appreciated my work.

    I just have no use for the stats page because I don’t pay attention to the cumulative total of souls who come across my page. I only have the ticker on my page for other people to reference for themselves. As far as my data goes, I just write because I love it, not for stats.

    Try not to pay too much attention to your daily stats, or at least try not to obsess over them. I guess it depends on who you are and why you are writing your blog, but even if you are someone who wants to see and use all the statistics for personal and bidness (yes misspelled purposely, someone will get the reference possibly) use, try not to obsess over your stats.

    It can bring you down as quickly as it will bring you up. I couldn’t tell you an average. I would say the average depends on the person and also if you use social media in conjunction with your blog. If you really want I will go into my stats page and give you my average and then leave another post for you stating it but, it isn’t high or anything. So

    You are new, so generally, unless you are like Jesus of the blogging world or something, you will start out slow traffic wise. Depending on your dedication and completely random variables you will likely get an increase with time.

    Just remember, it is important to also get out there and read others blogs, and comment etc. if you want more traffic (at least it helps). Traffic is kind of funny. It varies by person and blog.

    Then again, what do I now? I just told you I don’t pay attention to my own stats page. Xp So take my advice lightly. Maybe someone with more expertise will comment for you. Then again you don’t need to pay attention to your stats page to understand social media and blogging. It just helps if you use it for bidness purposes.

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  2. I only use the stats page because I can’t believe people actually come to my blog lol. I’ve noticed doing something like the one word prompt from The Daily Post helps bring in traffic, but even with that, tag your writing. This will help bring in more people as well. On average, after fixing the time zone, I get 15 to 20 people from all over the world, which is another thing I find interesting with WordPress. I like seeing where the people that view my blog are coming from.

    I also don’t change my content because of what people comment on my posts, like today, someone couldn’t believe I had killed my parents and how the one word prompt “Glass” had brought me to that idea. So I just calmly explained that mirror is a type of glass and instead of going the supernatural route with the story which I had initially planned, I went with psychological distortion. Then they liked my comment, so I don’t know. You do you and the people will follow from what I’ve seen. ❤

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  3. I’m new to this whole thing, trying to get an internet presence up and running now that I’ve started getting paid for my writing in the “real world.” I have no concept of how many views/likes/follows is good for how long my site has been active. I didn’t really understand tags until I did a bit of reading yesterday. It’s a whole new skill to learn really, trying to get something like this up and running. Any tips would be much appreciated!

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  4. I think some good ways to boost readership is to create a presence on social media, and check out other writers here. Both create the possibility for even just a small, core following of people who just like what you talk about.

    Of course, I don’t really get that many people coming my way either, so maybe I’m not the one to talk. 😛

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  5. Write, and they will come. That’s the best advice I can give if you are looking for more traffic. Just create content and also start networking by reading and commenting on other people’s work on here. I started my blog a little over two months ago, have 20 followers, and the days I receive the most views are when I post a review. I agree that you shouldn’t watch your stats too much because it is easy to get hung up on having less traffic than you expect.

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  6. I try not to look at my stats. It’s like a roller coaster ride. You get excited when people like your posts and follow you but then again there are days you don’t get much of anything and you’re like “people suck” lol. But I do this for fun so I try not to let the “slow days” bother me either. When I first started researching how to blog and book blogging specifically I read somewhere that a good blog averages 300 views a day and even that is rare. These are the blogs that have been up for awhile and are active like its a second job to them to post, advertise, and SEO the crap out of their site. They use tag words, ads, and other social media sites to move their blog out there. Also another reason I read about is books just don’t get the same interest as let’s say celebrity news, the latest diet trends, etc. Sad I know! Books are freakin awesome! All I can say is keep doing what your doing. Get excited for your victories! And the more you post, like and comment the more you will get your blog out there.

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