Late Night Posts

Does anyone else have incredibly awesome, fantastic, wonderful, and insightful ideas at the oddest hours of the night or in the strangest places? It seems like during the day I can barely form a sentence correctly, while at 1:39am (hint: it’s 1:39am where I am) I feel like Dante composing The Divine Comedy!

So, my blogging friends, tell me some stories of the greatest artistic masterpieces you’ve come up with and the odd circumstances surrounding them (think Michelangelo conceiving of the statue David while hopping on a pogo-stick, juggling flaming bowling pins at 4:00am).


19 thoughts on “Late Night Posts

  1. Let’s see… I have lots of cool ideas in my dreams, but I know that’s not what you’re getting at.

    Honestly, most of my art projects happen late at night. Both assigned and personal. Though my best achievement was a zine I made of my own comics and randomly distributed around town without my name attached. I’ve been meaning to do that again actually…

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  2. A lot of the best stuff hits me anywhere from 11pm to 3am. I’m an insomniac to begin with but what little sleep I get I am often awoken with that insatiable need to write. So often I will come on here at odd hours (especially during weekends when I have no work to worry about sleeping for) and post.

    I think it is common for writers of all kinds to come up with their best ideas at a crazy odd hour. Night allows that. I think because it is a time to relax. I don’t usually find myself relaxed at night but I do find that what bothers me, often inspires me at this hour.

    Cheers! 🙂

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