Life Without A Car

Having taken my car to get repaired only a day ago, I’m already going crazy! How do people live without having a car? It’s so inconvenient! I can’t go eat where I want to, go to a museum or the zoo like I planned, I can’t even go to church tomorrow! I understand if you live in New York City you really might not need a car, but anywhere else seems impossible.


18 thoughts on “Life Without A Car

  1. My car was in the shop for four days! I semi-feel your pain as I’m lucky enough to have a husband with a vehicle. It was annoying having to get up earlier to carpool to work, but I really can’t complain too much. Here’s hoping you get your car back soon, and it’s not too expensive!

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  2. It’s even more impossible where I live – in a small town of less than 500 people 85km away from the city. Doctor and dentist appointments, movie theatre, grocery, and pretty much everything else is in the city.

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  3. Even when I don’t need my car . . . say it is just in the shop for the DAY and I planned on staying put! It is still an awful feeling (to me) to not “have” my car!

    Hopefully the repairs go quick for you!

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  4. My worst experience without a car was several months in winter. I lost my car 2 a thrown rod in the last week of December, and I was not able to get a replacement for it until almost the end of March. I had just started a new job that gave me a bus pass. So I was able to take it to work. The problem was that it was at least an hour and a half to get the four different buses to the other side of the city is where I live. Once training was done my commute was much shorter but I had to walk three-quarters of in Sub-Zero temperatures during the middle of a Minnesota winter.

    That was vile. When I finally got a new car it was like a breath of fresh air. Like I was released from jail. Till then comma I was totally dependent on friends to get major chores done. I could never survive like so many of the people that I rode with that never got a car. The amount of time that I had to spend just to cater to basic needs like getting to and from work was oppressive.

    You have my deepest sympathies even though it was for just a brief taste.

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