I’ve never been good at putting down a huge number of words on a page. I like to write slowly and methodically, carefully picking and choosing my words. What does everyone else think of National November Writing Month? 

“What Time Is It There?”

Whenever you travel to a different time zone people always want to ask what time it is there? Adding or subtracting a few hours isn’t that hard people! But anyway, since I’m making new virtual friends from all over the globe on WordPress, I thought I’d ask that oft-repeated question: what time is it there? Be sure to comment what time it is in your neck of the woods!

Where Have I Been?

To my dear readers and dear friends, I’m so sorry I’ve been away for awhile! Life seems to have caught up to me and prevented me from catching up on my blog! Anyhow, does anyone have any advice on staying motivated to write during the busy times in our lives?